Division 1

1Quinte Cosmos1211104814734
2Bridge St. Chiro1191153114228
4Quinte Hearing Centre1281343152825
6C.R. Construction1180350212924
7McDougall Insurance1171335241122
8Stirling Vet125163731616
10Belleville Bakery124172035-1513
11Quinte Custom Promotions124171333-2013
12Canadian Tire Belleville114071234-2212
13Family Dental Centre113172536-1110
16Sockers B110011463-590

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1Hannah WILSONQuinte Hearing Centre20
2Hannah WILSONC.R. Construction17
3Lindsay SERVISSStirling Vet15
4Shelana MUTCHBrighton15
5Katie LARRYFamily Dental Centre14
6Ashley MACDONALDBridge St. Chiro11
7Brooklyn LONSBERRYMcDougall Insurance11
8Ella BANNONBridge St. Chiro11
9Stephanie MCGINNQWFC11
10Taylor MCCRAEBrighton11

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Vanessa MACDONALD Quinte Cosmos6
2Meghan PECKHAMBridge St. Chiro5
3Michelle CORRIVEAUQuinte Custom Promotions3
4Courtney BOLCHQuinte Cosmos2
5Danielle RUSHLOWBelleville Bakery2
6Jennifer TURK C.R. Construction2
8Sara MACNEILQuinte Hearing Centre2
9Alex SHAWMcDougall Insurance1
10Angela LAVIOLETTECanadian Tire Belleville1
11Anne Marie BURNS-KEANEYFreemans1
12Hannah BAKERBridge St. Chiro1
13HILARY ANN MURPHYLegendz/Moosehead1
14Jannette MOELKERCanadian Tire Belleville1
15Jess HERCUSFamily Dental Centre1
16Jessica FERGUSONFreemans1
17Karleen HEERStirling Vet1
18Kayla ADAMSStirling Vet1
19Maria VANVARKBrighton1
20Megan BROWNMcDougall Insurance1
21Megan BUTLERAstra1
22Meghan GREENQuinte Hearing Centre1
23Mel LANGDONLegendz/Moosehead1
24Michelle CHRISTOPHERFreemans1
25Natasha MATHIEUCanadian Tire Belleville1
26Nicole LOVEYSC.R. Construction1
27Rhiann NICOLQuinte Cosmos1
28Tanya COUPERUSBrighton1
29Tiffany DESOUSAStirling Vet1
30Victoria ARMSTRONGC.R. Construction1

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Division 1
Sockers B0 - 7 FDC
Astra0 - 5 QHC
Bell. Bakery0 - 5 C.R. Const.
QWFC2 - 5 Brighton
Legendz1 - 2 Freemans
McDougall1 - 4 Freemans
Cosmos3 - 0 Can Tire
Stirling Vet1 - 5 Chiro


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