1.1. The League is classed as a senior outdoor recreational League and may consist of a first (1st) division for the stronger teams and second (2nd) division for recreational teams. This will be determined at a general meeting prior to the beginning of each season.

1.2. The league shall consist of a maximum of 20 teams.



2.1. Fees

2.1.1.   Team deposit (secures spot for season, due first Wed in March)* $140.00

2.1.2.   Team entry (may deduct deposit if paid, due last Wed in April)*  $2,940.00

2.1.3.   Discipline administration (payable to Discipline Committee)  $20.00

2.1.4.   Team officials registration (additional to team entry fee)  $5.00

2.1.5.   Additional players over 20 on a team, per player.* $29.00*

2.1.6.  NSF cheque** $42.50

2.1.7.   Protest $50.00


2.2. Fines (shall be paid prior to the next general meeting after the fine is incurred)

2.2.1.   Late team registration (per each week not received)*  $200.00

2.2.2.  Missed general meeting $25.00

2.2.3.   Missed AGM $50.00

2.2.4.   Forfeit of scheduled game (including tournament)* $150.00

2.2.5.   Late game report to BQWSL website (over 48 hours) $25.00 for first     offence and $50.00 thereafter

2.2.6.   Missing equipment at a game $25.00


* Must be paid by cheque, money order, bank draft, or certified cheque. Cash will not be accepted.

** An NSF cheque shall be replaced with a money order, bank draft, or certified cheque which shall include the additional NSF fee.


  1. FINES

3.1. Fines shall be paid prior to the next general meeting.

3.2. A team that fails to pay their fine prior to the next general meeting shall forfeit their next regular games until such time as the fine is paid.



4.1. General

4.1.1.   The cost of team registration for the BQWSL shall be set annually at the first general meeting following the confirmation of the following fees: SOSA, fields, field lining, referees, and miscellaneous league expenses.

4.2. Players and team officials

4.2.1.   All players, team coaches and/or officials participating in league activities shall be properly registered with the league.

4.2.2.   Players eligible for registration are those who are a minimum of eighteen (18) years old before July 1st of the current outdoor season. In the event the league votes for one division in any given year, current under 18 players will be grandfathered and new players must be 18 years of age or older.

4.2.3.   Where a prospective player approaches the League directly for registration on a team, the League shall provide a list of teams and contacts to that player for the player’s reference in finding a team to register with.  The League is not responsible for finding teams for prospective players.

4.2.4.   All individual players, coaches and team officials shall register on a registration form provided by the League Registrar and shall submit the completed form and pay the registration fee (as determined by their team) to their team prior to participating in any League activity.
4.2.5. It is up to the Team Representatives who is accepted or not accepted to their team each season.  Teams are allowed to hold try-outs to field a team. 

4.2.6.   All players must be registered on the O.S.A. RDS (Registration and Discipline System) a minimum of 48 hours prior to participating in any soccer related activity. Players may participate ONLY WHEN REGISTRATION IS CONFIRMED ON THE RDS by the League Registrar.

4.3. Teams

4.3.1.   All prospective teams shall pay the team deposit (see Schedule of fees and fines) no later than the first Wednesday in March to hold a spot in the league for the upcoming season. If more than twenty (20) teams submit deposits, preference will be given to returning teams first and new teams second. Excess teams over twenty, shall be placed on a waiting list in the date order that their deposit was received. Deposits received from both returning and new teams after the above date will also be placed on the waiting list in date order received.

4.3.2.   All completed team registrations shall be submitted to the League Registrar no later than the last Wednesday in April. Team registration forms received after this date shall be subject to the fine for late team registration (see Schedule of fees and fines). Under unusual circumstances, if a team requires an extension to this date, they must obtain prior written permission from the League Registrar.

4.3.3.   Each team shall submit one (1) cheque made out to the BQWSL for the full amount of the team registration fee less any deposit paid. This cheque may be submitted with the registration to the Registrar or may be submitted directly to the League Treasurer. The cheque may be permitted to be post dated with the prior written permission of the League Treasurer.

4.3.4.   Each team may register up to twenty-five (25) players, however the team must pay an additional fee (see schedule of fees & fines) for each player above twenty (20) on their registration roster. If a team wishes to register more than twenty-five (25) players due to unusual circumstances, they must obtain prior written permission from the executive.


5.1. Team colours for new teams or existing teams wishing to change colours shall be approved in writing by the BQWSL Executive. Teams are responsible to ensure they have written approval prior to ordering their shirts.

5.2. All players on the same team must be identified by the same colour of their shirt, except the goal keeper whose shirt must differ in colour from that of both teams and the game official. All shirts are to be permanently numbered, not taped on numbers.

5.3. Teams have the right to choose their own colours, however colours must be approved by the league. In the event of conflict, the AWAY team must wear pinnies or alternate jersey. Each team must have pinnies/alternate jersey at their game in case of conflict. If the issue cannot be resolved, the AWAY team will forfeit.


6.1. Each team shall be issued two (2) corner flags that they are responsible for placing at their end of the field prior to each game. The corner flags shall remain the property of the league. If a team is missing flags which results in the game not being played, then the fine for missing equipment (see schedule of fees & fines) is payable and the game is recorded as a 1 – 0 loss for the team missing their flags.

6.2. The home team is responsible for supplying a suitable game ball and the away team shall provide a suitable backup game ball to the referee prior to the start of the game.



7.1. Players shall bring suitable photo identification (e.g. drivers license, health card) to each game and be prepared to show it on request.

7.2. Requests for player identification must be made prior to the start of the game. It is the coaches’ responsibility (or team rep if no coach available) but shall be supervised by the referee. This procedure will be as follows: Each player at center field displays to the opposing coach her own photo ID, the opposing coach can confirm player against roster that is provided to all team reps at the beginning of the season by the registrar. Players arriving late after this process has been completed will produce same for the approval of the opposing coach and neutral linesman. Requests and/or protests made after half time will not be acknowledged or upheld.

7.3. In the event of a challenge to a player’s eligibility by the opposing team, the referee shall have the said player sign the back of the game report in the presence of the opposing teams coach/team rep, also listing the players name and number.



8.1. Games will be played in accordance with the current FIFA Laws of the Game as published on the website of the Ontario Soccer Association unless specifically stated by BQWSL rules.

8.2. Players’ equipment shall consist of a numbered shirt, shorts, socks, cleats, and shin guards. A player may also wear a soft, safe headband. A knee brace may be worn as long as it completely encased by a soft, padded, covering made specifically for the brace. All items of jewellery (necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, leather bands, rubber bands etc.) and hard metal or plastic hair accessories are strictly forbidden and must be removed.

8.3. In all games played under the jurisdiction of this league, every player shall wear a different number on her shirt which is readily visible to the game officials and appropriately recorded on the game sheet.  No player may change that number once the game has started, except in unusual circumstance and with approval of the referee.

8.4. For chest protection players may fold arms with fists clenched tightly against the body. This only applies if they have no time to turn or move out of the path of the ball.

8.5. Team bench areas shall be 15 m from the center line. Substitute players, coaches and managers shall be confined to this area.

8.6. Only players and team officials listed on the game sheet shall sit on the bench. All other spectators shall be not less than 5 m from the bench, unless requested to be located on the opposite side of the field by the game officials.

8.7. Teams shall be responsible to clean up the area around their team bench after their game and dispose of all garbage and recycle all recyclables in the containers provided by the city.

8.8. Each team captain is required to produce three copies of a properly filled out game sheet for their team to the referee officiating the game. Game sheets shall include the full name of each registered player on the team who will be playing in the game, their corresponding uniform number, the date, time, location of the game, and the signature of a representative of the team. The game sheets shall be produced by half time or the game is forfeited.

8.9. Teams may list a maximum of twenty-five (25) players on a game sheet for any one game. Teams may add players to the game sheet up to the start of the second half of the game.

8.10.             Players who are listed on the game sheet and arrive late, including during the second half, may join their team and play in the game.

8.11.             Game starting times shall be 6:30 and 8:30 pm in May, June, and July and 6:15 and 8:15 in August.

8.12.             All games shall commence on the scheduled time and consist of two (2) equal periods of forty five (45) minutes each, unless agreed upon by the team captains at the time of the coin toss.

8.13.             A game will be considered complete if 60 minutes have been played.

8.14.             A minimum of seven (7) players are required to start and complete a game. A team shall be allowed fifteen (15) minutes after the game starting time to produce seven (7) players on the field, and if at the end of this time, they are unable to meet this requirement, the team shall forfeit the game. A team that defaults by not showing up for a game, or having insufficient players to start and/or complete a game for any reason shall automatically lose the game by default and shall pay the appropriate fine to the league (see schedule of fees and fines), unless the non-defaulting team is winning, in which case the score stands. If both teams fail to field the required minimum of players there shall be a double forfeit, then the game shall be recorded as not having been played and both teams shall pay the fine to the league.

8.14.1.If a team is aware they will not have enough players to play a game and gives the league and the opposing team at least 72 hours notice in writing, then the fine shall be waived and the score of the game shall be recorded as 1 – 0 win for the non-defaulting team with no goal scorer named.

      8.15.      Substitutions may be made on a goal kick, after a goal is recorded, at half time, in the event of injury and on throw ins. There is no limit to the number of substitutions. Substitutions are to be made at center field.

8.15.1.Under extreme heat condition, the referee and team captains may mutually agree before the game begins to allow substitutions at throw-ins and/or a water break near the mid point of each half of the game.

8.15.2.    In all divisions players may substitute on their own throw-ins. There may be "piggy backing" on these substitutions by the other team.

In all games two (2) points shall be awarded for a win, one (1) point for a tie, and zero (0) points for a loss. The team with the highest number of points at the conclusion to the regular League schedule shall be declared the League champions. The team with the second highest number of points will be declared the runners up, etc. In the event of a tie in points amongst teams at the conclusion of the regular season games, the following shall be used to break a tie:

8.16.1.Head to head record amongst teams tied in points,

8.16.2.Least goals against;

8.16.3.Most goals for;

8.16.4.Coin toss.

       8.17.             During playoff games, the following rules will be used to break a tie    at  the end of regulation time:

8.17.1. Overtime consisting of One (1) ten minute period of overtime with golden goal rule, if still tied play moves to shoot outs, consisting of Five (5) shots per team, shooters must be on the field at end of play to shoot. If tie remains after shoot out, move on to an additional shot for each team and so on until a winner is decided.

8.17.2. Penalty kicks as per FIFA rules.

       8.18.    In any game once the score differential is seven (7), the game is ended  however will continue on an exhibition basis and the score will stay. It is up to the team reps to enforce this when entering in scores.



9.             Each team shall report the results of a game online at the BQWSL website within 48 hours of completion of the game. Teams failing to do so shall pay the appropriate fine to the league (see schedule of fees & fines).



10.             The league may run a league tournament open to all league teams at a time determined by a tournament committee appointed by the league.

10.1.             Where two or more teams with insufficient players to enter in the tournament wish to combine to play in the tournament, they shall be permitted to do so.

10.2.             Teams entered in the tournament shall pay the appropriate fine to the league if they forfeit their entry within fourteen (14) days of the tournament date (see the schedule of fees & fines).



11.             The league may elect to run a cup tournament during the regular season in addition to the regular games. This will be determined at a general meeting prior to the beginning of each season.



12.1.             The league may elect to run playoff games for one or more divisions after the regular season in addition to the regular games. This will be determined at a general meeting prior to the beginning of each season.



13.1.             A team shall receive “playing out” permission from the BQWSL and SOSA before participating in any out of district games and/or tournaments.



14.1.             Every team is responsible for the actions of its players, team officials, administrators and spectators to ensure they behave in a sportsmanlike manner.

14.2.             Every team is required to take all precautions necessary to prevent its players, team officials, administrators and spectators from threatening or assaulting anyone present at games, and especially the game official(s).

14.3.             It is an offence for any person or group of persons to bet on any game under the jurisdiction of the BQWSL or the District Association.

14.4.             All discipline matters shall be conducted in accordance with the O.S.A. Discipline Policies and Procedures as published on the O.S.A. website.

14.5.             Alleged physical assault of a game official by a player or team official shall result in immediate suspension of that individual until such time as the incident has been dealt with by a Discipline Hearing of the Southeast Ontario Soccer Association.

14.6.             Players and club or team officials reported for misconduct shall attend the next available Quinte Disciplinary Committee hearing, except as stipulated by S.O.S.A or the O.S.A.

14.7.             A player who receives a red card during a game or three yellow cards over several games shall be suspended for their next regularly scheduled game and shall attend the next available Quinte Disciplinary Committee hearing.

14.8.             A player that receives a red card will sit out the remainder of the game in which they received the card and the following game.  At that point, the player may resume play until the Quinte Discipline Committee reaches a decision in reference to the incident.

14.9.             At all discipline hearings, the accused shall have the right to appear at her/his expense.

14.10.          It shall be the responsibility of the accused to determine (with the assistance of their team representative) the date of the next Quinte Discipline Committee Hearing, the fee they must pay, and to attend that meeting to have their case heard (see schedule of fees & fines).

14.11.          Failure to appear at a discipline hearing shall result in the suspension of the accused in all BQWSL activities until such time as the accused attends a discipline hearing and pays any additional fines or fees set by the Quinte Disciplinary Committee for non attendance.

14.12.          Any person who had been suspended as the result of a disciplinary hearing shall not take part in any soccer activity, until the completion of her/his sentence.



15.1.             All protests of games shall be submitted in writing and accompanied by the appropriate fee to the BQWSL executive not more than 48 hours after the conclusion of the game or the incident that is in dispute (see schedule of fees & fines).

15.2.             All protests will be heard within three weeks unless a later date is agreed to by the parties involved.

15.3.             If the protest is upheld, the protest fee will be refunded. If the protest is denied, the protest fee will be forfeited.

15.4.             In dealing with any protest, the BQWSL executive shall take into consideration the possession by the protesting team of any prior knowledge of the facts or allegations contained in the protest, which if properly used, might have prevented the protest.

15.5.             Decisions on protests reached by the BQWSL executive are final.



16.1.             Appeals shall be in accordance with the OSA Rules as published on their website.

16.2.             Appeals of decisions by the league shall be submitted to the Southeast Ontario Soccer Association in accordance with SOSA’s rules regarding appeals as published on SOSA’s website.



17. Authority

17.1.             The Board of Directors shall conduct the business of the Club during the periods between general meetings of the Club.


18. Appointment of committees

18.1.             The Board of Directors shall be responsible for the appointment and renewal of appointments of all positions within the Club except for those positions elected by the Membership of the Club.



19.1.             Attend all general meetings of the league, represent, speak, and vote on behalf of their team at those meetings.

19.2.             Be knowledgeable in the Bylaws, Rules and Regulations of the league and assist members of their team as necessary in their proper application.(Ex: ensuring their players have proper attire, cleats, shin guards etc.)

19.3.             Receive information from the league and disseminate that information to their team members.

19.4.             Engage an assistant who can fulfill the duties of the Team Representative when the Team Rep is unavailable to do so.

19.5.             Fill out and print game sheets for each game and provide to the team captain at the game to give to the game official.

19.6.             Report game results online at the BQWSL website within 48 hours of the completion of the game.

19.7.             Keep copies of all game sheets in case of questions or disputes.

19.8.             Be aware of discipline incidents involving members of their team and advise them of their responsibilities as per Rule 15 of the League – Discipline.


20.1.             Members shall be responsible to input their contact information into their personal profile (my details) at the BQWSL website to ensure they can be contacted by the league.


21.1.             Team Representatives shall attend all general meetings of the league or send another person from their team who shall be entitled to speak and vote on their behalf. Teams who fail to have at least one representative of the team attend a general meeting shall be fined by the league (see the schedule of fees & fines).

21.2.             More than one representative of a team shall be permitted to attend a general meeting; however the team shall have only one voice and one vote at that meeting.



22.1.             All regular members of the league are entitled to attend and vote at the League Annual General Meeting.

Extraction from the FIFA law book that referees have to follow.



All items of jewellery (necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, leather bands, rubber bands etc.) are strictly forbidden and must be removed.

Using tape to cover jewellery is not acceptable. Referees are also prohibited from wearing jewellery (except for a watch or similar device for timing the match).

Disciplinary sanctions

The players are to be inspected before the match begins and substitutes before they enter the field of play. If a player is discovered to be wearing unauthorised clothing or jewellery during play, the referee must:

• inform the player that the item in question must be removed

• order the player to leave the field of play at the next stoppage if she is unable or unwilling to comply

• caution the player if she wilfully refuses to comply or, having been told to remove the item, is discovered to be wearing the item again

If play is stopped to caution the player, an indirect free kick must be awarded to the opposing team from the position of the ball when play was stopped.

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